Frequently Asked Questions

We have been asked very common questions about our business by potential franchisees. Below we have answered these questions for you. If there are questions you have that are not listed here, please contact us and we will be happy to answer them for you.

Anything in our business can be duplicated, however, the culture of the business and the values of the organization cannot be copied. We have almost 15 years of experience in knowing what works and what doesn’t. We have spent the time researching product, processes and made the investment in improvements in our business to help our franchisees get to profitability as soon as possible. Time is money and most people don’t have years to try and figure out how best to operate a successful business and lose money by going through a trial and error process. We will guide you through getting your business open and moving toward success.

Our training will walk you through every aspect of our business and will include time with our founder so that you will understand the marketing, sales, operations and financial components of running a CCL franchise. You will spend time in the classroom and in the field gaining “hands-on” experience.

Though we have proven success in our business over almost 15 years, and our systems allow people with no experience in installing Christmas lights to be successful, we believe there are certain skills our franchisees should possess to succeed in our business. Having a good business minded sense is very important. The business requires you to work hard, put in the time, effort and energy needed for success.

We believe maintaining a passion for people is critical; customers and employees as well. Our business is not "rocket science." Ensuring that customers have an experience beyond their expectations and making sure your staff is well-taken care of is all about focusing on people.

We have third party resources that are very familiar with financing franchise businesses and we can introduce you to them so you can learn more about your options. This may include opportunities to secure an SBA backed loan under their program that can offer accelerated loan processing. Banks who are approved SBA lenders have added comfort lending under the SBA backed program which will save you a great deal of time waiting on approval.

You will not need experience in Christmas light installation though experience in marketing, customer service, leadership/small business management will be helpful. We also are looking for prospective owners who align themselves with our values of relationship building, quality service and taking care of their people.

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