• Custom Lights and Decorations- the lights we install on your home custom cut and fit for your home.  No excess cords or bulbs.  The same is true with the Daytime Décor (wreaths & garland).

  • Reliable- we have been in business over 30 years.  Our well trained sales reps and installers come with experience. We are a franchise of the largest light installer in the world.  We have over 20 employees to ensure we are there when you need us.

  • Guarantees- we guarantee your lights and decorations to look great throughout the holiday season.  If you have any problems with your decorations, just call us and someone will respond within 24 hours.

  • Professionalism- From our trucks to our clothes, we are organized, neat, polite, and courteous.  We treat your house as our own.  You will not find trash left behind or unfinished work.

  • Quality products- we use only the best products and equipment on the market. All of our lights are Professional grade products.

  • Insured- Our Company has a $2,000,000 General Liability policy & $1,000,000 worker’s comp policy so you are protected in case of any accidents.

  • Available- we have an office staff of 5 trained customer service reps. you can reach us Monday-Friday 8-5 & 8-12 on Saturday.  .  We are always available for questions, comments, or concerns.

  • Maintenance / Take down- we are one of the few companies who do maintain your lights through out the season.  We also remove them in a timely manner in early January.  You do not need to call and track us down.  We handle everything.

  • Storage- we store your lights and decor year round.  We do not think you should have to fill your attic with lights and decorations.  We take this burden off of you by keeping them safe and organized year round. 

  • Electrical safety- we work with a master electrician to ensure safety on your home.  After each job completion we do a through inspection of outlets, cords, and lights, and timers making sure all are installed correctly.  We put safety first. 
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